Pampers $2 coupon. Where are you using yours?

I was thrilled to see this coupon coming out this week! My husband ran to Walmart last night and I had him grab wipes with my $2 off coupons. At Walmart they are $1.97. Because Walmart gives you overage on your coupons, they paid him $.27 to walk out of the store with them!

Where are you getting your cheap wipes?

CVS: Pampers Wipes $2.97. As low as $.97 a tub.

Target: Pampers Wipes tubs $1.99-2.39. With coupon you can get them as low as FREE.

Walmart: Pampers wipes tubs $1.97, after coupon you get them FREE.

Walgreens: $2.50 per tub. Pay $0.50 after coupon for one.

Rite Aid: $2.49 per tub. Pay $0.49 after coupon for one.

A&P: $1.99 per tub, FREE after coupon. (Thanks Deal Seeking Mom)

Kroger: Pampers Wipes $2.57 a tub. Pay $.57 after coupon.



Electra said...

I am so excited about this coupon, but my Walmart and Target are plagued with a couple of people who somehow get enough coupons to keep any sale like this wiped out as long as the coupon is valid. I don't know exactly what I'm going to do, but I'll figure out something!

Chancey said...

our walmart doesnt do overage either, I try not to go there because they give me way to many problems with coupons it's too much of a hassel