Personal Review of my new Toy!

Disclaimer.... I purchased this stroller myself after much research. The company has no idea who I am and has no idea that I am doing a review. I am sure they could care less!

Just wanted to get that out of the way!

I have a serous stroller fetish. There I TOTALLY admit it! I am not sure what it is but I will spot an awesome stroller a mile away. I have also purchased my fair share of strollers for EACH child. At one point my husband declared our garage a "stroller graveyard" and made me donate them all!

I just never found the perfect one.

I am the closest I have EVER been with this one though, that is why I am telling you about it!
The 2 things that I really wanted and was looking for were:

1. Reversible seating for the child. They could face me or face away.

2. The seat could lay FLAT so that I can change their diaper in there without having to take them out and find a place to lay them down.
So I looked and looked, I also wanted to stay under about $150 and wanted it to be lightweight almost like an umbrella stroller. I have never done the big strollers.

I did most of my searching on Amazon because I had gift cards from Swagbucks. I hated buying something without seeing it first but I read 1,000 reviews!

So the one I got was the The First Years Indigo Stroller in the bright red! I LOVE it!

I like it because it had BOTH things I was looking for, I can steer it with one hand. It took me 5 min. to put together and folds down flat with one hand. When the baby is little she can face me. If I have my 2 1/2 year old in it he can face OUT! I have been walking him in it and he loves it also, he sits up really high and he likes that, it is also really easy for me to put him in and hand him things because i don't have to bend over to do it! : )

The basket is HUGE! That is worth repeating... The basket is HUGE!
Now, let me give you a little tip.

I finally decided on this one and put in my my cart at Amazon. I was waiting for one more Swagbucks award to be posted so then I had $90 in gift cards which would take a chunk off the cost. It was listed at $199. The thing that I like about Amazon is that if you have something in your cart and the price changes they will alert you. I got an alert that the price changed to $169! Woo Ho! But, I forgot to go purchase it! Then I got another alert that the price dropped to $129! So I quickly went and bought it, - my gift cards it cost me $39!

So that is an idea if you are looking at something at Amazon, you can take the chance and wait a bit and see if the price drops. Don't wait too long because it can always go back up like it has on the stroller now.

Anyway, there it is, my little review of the just about perfect stroller for me!

What stroller do you have and why do you like it?



Anonymous said...

When my kids needed a stroller (now ages 21-26) I started with an umbrella stroller...but when #2 came along I got the big heavy twin stroller so I could have them both in one..and when number three came along I went back to the twin stroller again just for convenience. Now, as you know Tif, I have baby Adam and for whatever reason I looked at all the cool strollers but I went back to the BIG STROLLER built for two. I am 42 (maybe 43) and just don't have the energy to carry anything other then pushes the stroller. So I like this one because it has cup holders, a big basket underneath for bags, the seat lays down so I can change him in it, A heavy hood cover that I let my coupon binder ride on...and if he is sitting up I can put bags on the seat behind him. BUT YOURS IS COOL!!!!!

Eileen said...

How much room does your son have to grow in it? I am looking for a new stroller, but my son just turned 2 and I want it to last at least a year. Thanks!!!

Tiffany said...


My son is 2 1/2 and average size. He fits good right now, I would not keep him in there much past 3 I think he would be too big.
He spent all day today in it just fine and comfortable. But if you have a large kid I would say not past 3 :)

Tracy said...

Great deal and great stroller! I have a larger Graco and love it. A couple things that I felt were must haves were cup holders and trays for baby and me, a large basket, a large canopy, reclining seat, somewhat light weight, and soft and cushy for baby.

Tracy said...

I love the stroller and what a deal! I have a larger Graco. I wanted a reclining seat, cup holder and tray for me and baby, large canopy, neutral color, large basket, somewhat lightweight (could be lighter), and soft and cushy for baby. It also shows the time and temperature (not necessary, but handy).

.:Anna:. said...

So far Chunky just walks himself, but I am considering getting something to push him as 10lbs is getting too much to carry around when he is tired.