Randalls: Readers HUSBANDS Great Deal!

This is my FAVORITE! When husbands get excited about a great deal that THEY find! My husband is always so proud of himself, I think it is really darling!

Thanks so much for the picture and deal Patti!

"Tony was tired from work and wouldn't get in the picture..he was so excited for his "coupon find" he said..."CALL TIFFANY RIGHT NOW"

Randalls has soda for 3.79 a six pack and if you buy two you get two free...tony is a wanderer when we shop..and for once i was glad he was wandering...he came back with a huge smile on his fce because he found in a display area of the store a $3 off coupon on six packs if you bought 3...

so we bought 8 at 3.79 each for a total 30.32
got 4 free bringing total to 15.16
minus two $3 coupons bringing total to 9.16 plus tax

So we got 8 six packs for about 1.15 each for mountain dew, pepsi, and sierra mist!"

**My Update! So during halftime, game 7 MBA finals... my husband and I ran up to do the same deal. We checked out separately, I used the $3 pepsi coupon AND a $2 Register Reward coupon from Walgreens. My total was $3 for 4!!!
The $3 coupons are hangtag ones on the bottles themselves, just FYI.


Anonymous said...

What type of chain is Randalls?

Tiffany said...

Randalls is a Safeway store! Same as Tom Thumb, Vons etc.

Anonymous said...