Reader Spotlight: CVS Deals!

This is from my friend Patti! She did a great job this week at CVS. I also saw the doghouse, I thought they were darling too bad my 60lb. dog wouldn't fit in it!

I am so excited I could have went pants from all the giggles!

1 dog bed
2 john freida products
2 tooth paste
6 bags of nuts
1 can of coffee
1 gillette razor
2 dawn
3 gillette deoderants
3 gillette bath wash
2 old spice deodernats
2 old spice bath wash

Let me also mention I went in with NO ECB'S....I went in with my cvs card and a $20 bill and a hand full of coupons
**Notice the dog house was $10 alone...and I only spent $20 total for everything in picture.


Philip, Melissa, & Summer said...

I am still new to this process. That is a lot of stuff. Did you have to do it in multiple transactions?

Tiffany said...

Yes, although Patti didn't spell it out I am assuming that she made probably 3-4 transactions.