Reader Spotlight: Jenan R.!

Jenan R. did a really nice job this week at BOTH Walgreens and CVS. I almost picked up the Pampers at Walgreens also! I am so glad I got them at Walmart. But $.50 a box is a killer price no matter what!

Jenan said:
" I Don't have the receipts with me but can get the brake down if anyone wants it. I tried to give some space between each deal. Still kicking myself about the wipes. I just wanted to get home so I guess paying .50 for each was not bad since I would have used more gas getting to walmart.( even though it is across the street.) LOL"

Walgreens: paid $16.13 saved 89.89
CVS: pd $5.45 Saved 96.29
How did you do this week?!