Update: Target Drama!

Yesterday I posted about fustrations at Target. I just wanted to take a second and update you on what we found out. Patti and I both called target corporate office, we both got basically the same response. NOTHING has changed in their coupon policy. Both Patti and I were told by the two different people that we talked to that they would contact that store manager and make sure that they understand the coupon policy. Yea! Score for us!

I know I say it a lot, but print the store policy off and take them with you. Many managers for many reasons don't like couponers. It just a fact. We have to do everything we can to be friendly and follow the rules. But we don't have to be treated bad or lied to. So hopefully they will call that Target today and straighten out that manager.


Julia said...

Yay! Way to go! So which target was it that gave you the problems?

Tiffany said...

Magnolia! The new one on 1488