Walmart: E.P.T. Test only $.76!

Posting pregnancy tests always make me laugh, I am not sure why. Maybe because I have probably taken 145,987 of them in my life time :) But they can be dang expensive and I don't think I have ever used a coupon on one. Weird I know! Thanks Jenny!

e.p.t. (single pack) – $3.76 Walmart Price
$3.00 e.p.t. Printable Coupon
Final Price: $0.76


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Katie said...

I have taken about that many also..."but" I thought I might be pregnant a few months ago (would have been unexpected as I have an IUD and would have been #8) I remember telling my husband that I was NOT going to buy another pregnancy test without a coupon. So, I jumped on your coupon database and printed the only one available at that time...EPT. It was a little deflating to find out I wasn't expecting. I had just read your unexpected pregnancy scenerio and was feeling like a ditto to you (got rid of maternity clothes, all infant stuff, etc.) so I figured we were on the same the boat. I am very excited for you and your family!