8 reasons why you shouldn't use coupons.... and other dumb ideas.



npframer said...

That has got to be the dumbest article I have ever read!!

LB @Wait, She Said What? said...

These articles come out every couple weeks. They all say the same thing. I find ironic since in this very article it complains that coupons are repetitive therefore a waste of time. You can turn that same logic on the article itself, yet they keep coming.

Anonymous said...

I went to Mississippi this past weekend and took my daughter and her husband out to teach them how to coupon. Even made her a binder and filled it with coupons. Its not very popular there yet. When we went in CVS I asked the girl if they had rolled over the computers yet and she looked at me like I was a spy or something. She asked how I knew about that and I told her I WAS A PROFESSIONAL COUPONER!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are right, extremely stupid article!!! I read it. It was painful. The author is assuming that someone using coupons lacks the ability, and willpower needed to NOT buy something.

Chris said...

From: http://www.torontosun.com/money/savings/2010/02/26/13047476.html#/money/savings/2010/02/26/pf-13047501.html

When it comes to effectively using coupons, budgeting expert and savvy money saver Amy Fontinelle uses the Coupon Mom method, developed by renowned strategic shopper Stephanie Nelson (www.couponmom.com).

Fill a three-ring binder with plastic baseball card holder sheets, and fill each slot with coupons that fit into a specific category: dedicate a certain number of pages for dairy, produce, meat, junk food, and so on. When you go grocery shopping, bring your coupon binder with you — and start saving!

“When I’m at the grocery store, whatever aisle I’m in, I flip to the corresponding section and see what I have coupons for,” Fontinelle says. “It takes some time to maintain the system, but it makes it easier to use the coupons.”