Coupons for the Troops!

Do NOT throw away those expired coupons! They can be used by our troops well past the expiration date!

My friend Jenan has taken it upon herself to start a program here in the The Woodlands/Spring, North Houston area to get these coupons to the troops. Lets do all we can to support her and make this happen!

This is what she has so far:
We are now known as Expired Coupon Project- Spring. I have adopted the Alconburg U.K. base. Everyone can drop off cut or uncut coupons at 2 locations: The 2 locations are curves on 2920. It is on left just before the Rhodes Rd light. Also, at The Church at Creek's End 20010 Kuykendahl. If you go down 2920 turn left on Gosling Rd light. Then turn left onto Kuykendahl the church will be just past My Family Vet on left. There will be a box at both locations. Please donate a dollar with your coupons to help with postage! If anyone would like to set up a box at their office they can email me at

The Church at Creek's End is letting me meet once a month to cut and sort out everything. I will email you back a date for that. Anyone that wants to come and help in any fashion is more than welcome. I just need them to email me so I know who many are looking at coming.

** We should have a coupon cutting/coupon class at the same time!



marsch said...

Can we mail them in to you, or one of these locations?

TucksMommy said...

Tiffany, I live 5 minutes from the Curves & pass it everyday on my way to work! Great idea & I will be dropping off some serious coupons, also is donating coils of stamps beneficial?

Jenan said...

Hey guys, I'm the one that has set the ECP-Sring (Expired Coupon Projuect-Spring.
Marsch-Give me until Aug and I should have everything finished and set up to receive coupons by mail. This is going to be our trail run with everything.
TucksMommy-I will have to check on the stamps but will get back with you on this.

Deb said...

This is awesome!! Please let us know the date of her first coupon cutting gathering as soon as you know. :) I have been collecting coupons for months for this and never get them in the mail. :( But with enough warning (and the graces of a free weekend), I could come join you/her for that and bring them with me. :)

Also, for each meeting date, I'd love to know what coupon dates she's going to focus on. For example, I know that coupons older than two months old (April 30th or so for now) are generally discouraged by now, since it takes so long for everything to get sorted and overseas.