Does second hand pot smoke affect children? A trip to see the Bee Gee's!

** This is a repost from last summer on this very day! It seemed last last month! It made me giggle to remember it so I thought I would post it for you!

Houston has an outdoor venue like no other in the country, Miller Outdoor Theatre. It is completely free and hosts all kinds of really nice cultural events. So when we saw that the "Bee Gee's" were coming we had to go! Well, that and it is a central location for my Sister in Law and I to switch kids...

Apparently the Davis/Ivanovsky/Tew families weren't the only ones who decided to take advantage of this free concert, the entire cities population of hippies and homeless people also wanted to hear Saturday Night Fever for free.

We secured our spots on the lawn right behind Mr. Homeless Man, who realllly liked to talk, and a few rows behind Ms. Freespirit, very flexable and I've had 7 glasses of wine. I knew the evening was going to be interesting, not only because of our company, but I wondered if I had brought enough food with me for our big group as we were all suffering the effects of second hand pot smoke.

It started off good, happy kids and all. But as the night went on...
They were dropping like flies...
I tried to interest them in Ms. Freespirit, after-all when do you get to see a 65 year old, heavily pierced, woman who is that flexible?
No go. Not interested.
Too bad for them, that was enough entertainment for me for a while, I'll wake them when something more exciting comes to town, like The Moody Blues.

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BeaDandelion said...

That is hysterical!!! I love your stories about your kids!