How to cut bangs on children!

One of the biggest costs that you can avoid are trips to the hairdresser. Although I would hate to put myself out of business ( if I was still doing hair) it is possible to stretch a haircut. Learning how to cut "bangs" or the front of their hair can "buy" you a few extra weeks before you have to get the rest cut.

But first, does this look like the face of a kid excitedly hoping for a haircut? Yea, he wasn't too thrilled. Sorry buddy, I hate that long in the face thing the guys have going on right now.

She was also thrilled to be getting her hair cut. I think she was just mad I was doing it and she didn't do it herself.


Are we there yet? said...

Too funny you post this today. I gave my 1yr her first haircut Sunday. It was the quick and dirty version :) Thanks for the tips!!

Jamie said...

I can't seem to get the video to play...anyone else having trouble?

Tiffany said...

Jamie! I am so sorry I fixed it!

Someone should have told me it wasn't working earlier!!! :)