I need cash now!

Last night my husband and I took our two little girls on a date to the mall. They are ages 4 and 6 physically, but 40 going on 45 mentally :)

After walking through the mall and looking at the pets and cute clothes it became clear that the 6 year old has hit the age where she is obsessed with money. My older kids have gone through this at one point or another but usually grow out of it.

The 6 year old brought her bag of money with her, a ziplock bag filled with 5 lbs of change and a few dollar bills. She has been saving up for a DSi.

After spending $.25 on a gum ball for her and her sister, she spent the rest of the night begging for every item she saw. I tried to keep reminding her that she didn't want to spend all her money on pink hair extensions and that I know later she would wish she hadn't bought them, but she was determined to buy SOMETHING!

Disappointed, when we got in the car to go home, she was sad that she hadn't gotten an folding animal pillow or a Hannah Montana purse, I reminded her that she was that much closer to getting her DSi!

Dejected, she informed us that, "I should have just spent my money, I am never going to have enough cash to buy a DSi!"

Her little sister looked at her and said, "don't you have a dollar from the tooth fairy?"

A light bulb went on in the 6 year olds head, she smiled, looked at us and said, "I have GOT to start loosing more teeth, I NEED the cash!"

This made me laugh all the way home, my husband and I already know this girls husband is in trouble, this just confirms it even more!



Sylvia said...

Best not to let her know about plasma centers just yet!

Emily Heizer Photography said...


The Pie's said...

SO Funny! Aden is "saving" for a DSI too.... He actually ripped out a semi loose tooth the other day saying, "how else am I going to get more money?" I felt so bad, I gave him some extra jobs at home to earn some cash. Poor kid already looks like a jack-o-lantern!

Tiffany said...

I totally forgot about Plasma centers! Paul and I went once in college, we were the only ones there not doing it for drugs!

Tara said...

Oh this made me laugh out loud. I too have a child obsessed with money. She wrote the tooth fairy a letter demanding to know why she doesn't get $5 or $10 per tooth (or a "cool toy"!) heh.