IKEA: Price Matching?!!!

I LOVE Ikea! We have one about 40 min from us and I love to have an excuse to go! I also love that my kids can eat for almost free at their cafeteria. I must also mention that they have the best Greek salads!!

While standing in line last night we apologized to the very patient and nice gentleman behind us for not getting frustrated that it was taking my kids FOREVER to order dinner! He just laughed when we apologized and explained that he had 10 children (ages 25 to 5) so he was right at home! He also gave us some of the best info we have ever gotten...

Some Ikea stores are franchises! Like the one in Houston. So they have different prices than online, usually more expensive in the store. It you show them the price online they will PRICE MATCH it to the LOWER price! Woohoo! This is where my favorite little cell phone came in handy last night as we walked around I checked the prices online and saved us about $60!!

So next time you are at IKEA you might want to find out if your store is individually owned!


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Rachel said...

Dang! I wish I would have known that last week! I looked up all the things I wanted...got to the store and they were more expensive. I had birthday money to use and I wanted/needed the items so I went ahead and got them. I too live about 40 minutes away from the Houston location, in Rosenberg/Richmond, so my trips are not very often :)