Kroger: P&G + Cereal Deals!

What I bought tonight was a combination of P&G Deals and The 50% off General Mills Cereal Deal!

I paid $72.91, I saved $146.78!

Don't miss out on the General Mills Deal. It runs from today (Saturday) to Tuesday. All items in the deal are 50% off.

Load your Kroger Cards as there are a bunch of ecoupons that match up with this sale! HERE and HERE and HERE.

Also, print coupons for the cereal and other snacks!
Lucky Charms loadable
Fruit by the Foot loadable
Fiber One loadable
Cinnamon Toast Crunch printable
Chex Mix Bars Printable
Honey Nut Cheerios Printable

Plus go HERE to the coupon database and type in General Mills and look for all the coupons available!


Rachel said...

I just went not even an hour ago! I got 5 Nature Valley Nut Clusters and 4 Fiber One Bars and I paid $9.16!!
I used 5- $1 off coupons for the nut clusters and only paid .89 each for them! :D

patti said...

Rachel..That must be why the shelves were empty when I went to get my Clusters!!! ONLY KIDDING!! I wanted two and there were only 2 left. LISTEN UP COUPON PEOPLE!! While at Kroger a dozen people were at customer service complaining that their ecoupons didn't come off. So watch as your cashier checks you out. They had no proof of an ecoupon so the manager said call the number on receipt. However, I had my printed list from Kroger.com showing my ecoupons and because of that he was able to do them manually to get them off my card.

Rachel said...

I did the same with printing the list of the ecoupons too! lol I normally don't take the last, but at my Kroger there were only 5 nut clusters left...I love them, so I got all 5. Bad I know!(but they are so yummy and on SUCH a good deal!) :) However as I walked out I noticed there put back baskets had more in them...so they are there, just not out yet! I was so happy that there were exactly the amount I had coupons for since I waited till Sunday! :)