Reader Spotlight: Jeff T.

I really can't help but post this deal! It is the trip that my (formerly too cool for coupons) brother- in -law Jeff (husband of Anna) did this week at Kroger, actually it was one of his many!

This is the text I got from him when he was done shopping:

"Our trip to Kroger today. Four seperate transactions so we could use the catalinas.. But our total was $148.02 before coupons and discounts. After discounts we spent $21.54 .. a savings of 86%! Oh snap!"

To see the Kroger deals he picked from go HERE.


.:Anna:. said...

Oh, snap!

katiehusher8 said...

I love this!! My husband doesn't go "couponing" with me usually, but he stays home to take care of the kids while I do. But when I come home so excited about how much I saved...he always has a little smirk on his face like he is impressed with how well I did. It really is addicting, there are times when I think I need a break, but after a short one, I am usually right back and ready to start saving! I actually think it is fun! Thanks for all you do to help us out Tiffany!

Tiffany said...

That is the way it works for us also!! My husband is supportive by watching the kids so I can go alone. He will also go outnof his way to go to a store he brings me home papers and coupons when he finds them!
He also loves trying to guess what i paid for things.
Thanks Katie! Tell your husband he is awesome!