Reader Spotlight: Sheri!

Sheri, did a great job this week at CVS! Even, better when she ditched her "2 year old destroyer!" I have one of those!:)

"This transaction was a little under 8.00. I used 1.00 coupons on the cascade and charmin that I got in the mail. All the Sobe's were free. I made a second transaction for the second milk using my ECB's from the charmin and cascade getting it free with a buck left over."

"This transaction was .80 cents! I got the Sobe's free with the coupons and I used a .25 coupon and a 2.00 CVS coupon printed in the store for the paper towels. I also used a 4.00 off 20 coupon for signing up my email at cvs.com/email."

Awesome job, thanks so much for the email Sheri!


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Sheri said...

Aww, thanks! Could not have done it without the help of your blog.
Congrats on your new arrival!