Shelf Reliance Coupon Codes *This week Only!*

Many of you know my story and how I fell in love with the shelving from Shelf Reliance. If you have not read it, it isn't long but explains why I am slightly crazy :)

This picture also explains why my children think it is normal to have food stored in their playroom. Doesn't everyone?

The kids have friends over and I am making dinner...

"Someone grab me a can of kidney beans!" I yell.

My son is taking his turn on the wii and looks over at his friend, "Can you grab that can of kidney beans up there and run it into my Mom?"

"Dude, you guys are really weird." He says to my son.

True Story.

Anyway, I am taking a little break from SR and am having one last giveaway this week on another blog. The company lets me offer a coupon code for these and I am going to post it here also. This week, until Friday the 40 can Cansolidators ( you can see my Mom's pantry redo HERE) are on sale for $21.49 with the coupon code SAVE1. They are normally $44.49.

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Kerrie said...

What blog are you having the giveaway at??