Christmas Tree Shop: Case It Binders only $5.99!

If you are lucky enough to have a Christmas Tree Shop close by, RUN over and look for Case It binders!

Thanks to Jeanne for letting us know that they have the Case It binder that I love to use for Coupon Binders for only $5.99! That is a killer price as I usually pay anywhere form $15-$25 for one!

Looks like they are mostly out east, lucky guys!



Kelly Tillotson said...

I am from New England and practically LIVED at the Christmas Tree Shop. It is the BEST STORE EVER! My entire house is decorated in their stuff for SOOOOO SUPER CHEAP. After holidays, especially Christmas, my mother in law and I was score things at 70-90% that were cheap to begin with {im talking 10 cent garlands, $1 wreaths, etc!} After moving to Texas I would cry when she would tell me about her trips! She would smuggle deals she bought for me on the plane when she would visit! She called me a couple weeks ago to tell me that the Christmas Tree Shop {who is also owned by the owners of Bed Bath and Beyond} were opening a brand new store in North Dallas {about an hour from me!} can you imagine how happy I am!?!!?! :)
I also read an article online that they plan on opening stores in austin, houston and san antonio areas in the VERY near future.
You'll love this place!

demicmic said...

I forgot to tell you I did run to my Christmas Tree Shop oh so excited, but alas, they did not have them. Sniff. They only had the 5 star binders. I was sad. I was ready to buy one for me and for my 2 friends who I have lassoed into couponing :-)