Coupon Binder Winner!

Andie made her first video appearance! She picked the winner for the coupon binder!

I was thinking about making you watch the video to see who won, but I figured that was mean, no one likes to watch home videos of people cooing over their babies!

Someday when I win the lottery I am going to give everyone of you a binder, it breaks my heart to not be able to give one out to everybody who enters! So keep entering, I will keep doing one a month and someday you will all have one!

The winner of the coupon binder is...

Barbara P!

"Super excited for my 3 year old son to be going to Pre-K but sad that my baby is growing up. In addition I teach so it's bitter sweet for the summer to be over and school to be starting again!

Awesome giveaway!!!!!! I've been on the fence about starting a binder. You giveaway would be a fabulous start!!!!!

Seeing your binder at a recent coupon "class" I decided to take the plunge!"

Barbara, contact me with your address so I can get your binder to you! Mylitter@mac.com



M and W said...

Andie's way too CUTE!!!

Danielle said...

Woohoo! Congrats to Barbara! And good job Andie! Way too cute :)