Do you work at home?

I am interested in learning about work at home opportunities. Not that I am looking right now for another thing to add to my plate, I love my job that I have outside my home. I get many emails from readers who are looking beyond couponing to help with their families budgets. I have a little experience working from home, but they are just little hobbies that I occasionally made some money from.

I would love to offer in the next week or so some profiles or posts on what has worked for you and even what has not worked.

If you have had any experience, or have any ideas would you please email me?
~ Have you had a home based business?
~ Have you started your own business?
~ Do you sell on Etsy or Ebay and have you found it is worth your time?
~ What have you tried and found it was not worth it?
~ Have you taken any courses that allow you to work at home, such as medical transcription, etc.?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to give us some real stories and experiences! My email is mylitter@mac.com



The Wilde Family said...

If you get any responses I would love to know! Me working would help our family financially, but with 2 small boys...and another soon to arrive, a traditional "job" doesn't really seem to be an option right now.

Riahli said...

Well I work from home...but it's because I run my own in home daycare. Takes quite a lot of work to set that up, but I feel that it was well worth it. There are on going classes you have to take and licensing rules to follow, etc... but I get to stay home with my kids and make some extra money for the family. If your smart and thrifty about it you don't have to spend too much money on the initial set up. Rules vary from state to state, but in the state of Washington you can't even babysit if it's on a regular basis with out being licensed. Anyways I don't know if that is anywhere near what you were talking about, but it works for me! :) I work for myself, stay home with my kids...and make money doing it.