**ENDS TOMORROW!**Free Hard Cover Picaboo Photo Book!

I wanted to make sure that you took advantage of this offer! If the kids are in school and you have some time today or tomorrow, don't miss out on a really nice FREE photobook!
I will be doing mine at midnight tonight... so email me and we can chat into the wee hours of the morning :)
I don't have much time for many of my hobbies anymore, but the one thing that I still do when the kids are in bed is make a photo book every now and then!

I am so scared that with all my photos on the computer now we never really look at them anymore. I still like to hold photos in my hand. So anytime there is a great deal on a photo book I always make one!

If you have not made a photo book before don't let it scare you. The program is easy to use and has so many different options. It will take about 45min the first time if you don't get really carried away journaling.

Right now, if you are new to Picaboo you can make a LARGE hard cover 20 page photo book for FREE! You only have to pay shipping which is $8.99. I have made lots of books and this is a good deal, it is usually what I am looking for.

This is all you have to do:

~ Go to Picaboo HERE and enter your email address.

~ Design a 20 page photo book.

~ Use coupon code FREEBK at checkout and it should take off the price of the photo book and only charge you $8.99 for shipping (and tax, if applicable).

I am making a photo book for my son's Scout Trip that he took this summer. I am giving it to him for his birthday. These are other's that I have made recently.

My Daughters baptism keepsake book.
I let my girls take their own pictures and make one themselves.
I did a A-Z book with all the kids randomly doing something with that letter.
We made a book for my Grandma with just snapshots, she LOVED it!



Julia said...

Thanks! I've never done a book through Picabo before so I'm interested to see how the quality compares to blurb and shutterfly. Another vacation book taken care of :)

Julia said...

Already got my book back from them! It's about the same binding quality as snapfish, not the best but still awesome for 9 bucks! Thanks for posting this!