HEB: Deals of the week! August 18th

Mmmmm, Meal deal looks good to me this week! So see a complete list go HERE!

Meal Deal:

Buy Stouffer's Party Size Lasagna or Enchilladas
Get Free:
Fresh Express Salad
Nestle 8 Pack Candy
Hill Country Fare Garlic Bread
Nestle Juicy Juice

  • Buy HEB Pecan Treasures Cookies
    Get Free:HEB Thin or Ridged Potato Chips
  • Buy Coca Cola Zero 12pk
    Get Free: HEB Original Coke Zero 12pk
  • Buy Pepperidge Farm Goldfish
    Get Free: Nestle Juicy Juice 8 pk

  • Buy Buitoni Refrigerated Family Size Pasta
    Get Free: Nestle Coffee Mate Creamer & HEB Cafe Ole Coffee
  • Buy HEB Fully Cooked Seasoned Ground Beef
    Get Free: HEB Pasta Sauce & Skinner Quick Cook Pasta
  • Buy Oscar Mayer Deli Creations
    Get Free: HEB Potato Chips
  • Buy Eckrich Meat or Beef Smoked Sausage
    Get Free: Ranch Style Beans & Knorr Rice or Pasta
  • Buy (2) Cheetos
    Get Free: Pepsi 6 pk
  • Buy HEB Hearts Blend
    Get Free: Salad Dressing & HEB Croutons
  • Buy HEB Fully Cooked Burgers
    Get Free: Kraft American Cheese
  • Buy HEB Kiolbassa Value Pack Smoked Sausage
    Get Free: Eckrich Beef Franks & Bush's Best Grilling Beans
  • Buy HEB Fully Cooked Grilled Sliced Chicken Breasts
    Get Free: HEB Sauced Vegetables
  • Buy HEB Crab Meat
    Get Free: Zatarain's New Orleans Style Crab Cake Mix
  • Buy 1/2lb HEB Premium Ham
    Get Free: 1/4 HEB Premium Cheese
  • Buy (2) NYC Cosmetics
    Get Free: NYC Nail Polish
  • Buy Conair Hair Brush
    Get Free: Conair Hair Brush
  • Buy (2) L'il Critters Gummy Vites
    Get Free: L'il Critters Gummy Vites
  • Buy HEB Premium Prenatal Vitamins
    Get Free: Prenatal Vitamins
  • Buy Alavert Allergy Kids Bubble Gum Flavor Tablets
    Get Free: Alavert Flavor Tablets
  • Buy HEB Cotton Swabs
    Get Free: HEB Alcohol
  • Buy HEB Dandruff Shampoo or Conditioner
  • Get Free:Hill Country Essentials Lotion
  • Buy Hill Country Essentials Disposable Razor
    Get Free: Hill Country Shave Gel or Cream
  • Buy (2) Luvs Big Pack Diapers
  • Get Free: Pampers Mega Refill Wipes

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