Kroger: Match-ups Week of Aug. 26th

Sadly the Mega Events have come to an end :( BUT we do have a good little 10/$10 sale going on!

Also, you will be happy to know, esp. if you shop at the Pearland TX store, that according to corporate, they should still be taking internet printable coupons regardless of what the cashiers might tell you. Good luck to all of you with that!

Here is a copy of the Kroger Texas "Coupon Policy"

Kroger automatically doubles and triples coupons daily when shoppers present their Kroger Plus card

Kroger triples the value of manufacturer’s coupons up to and including $.39 face value

Kroger doubles the value of manufacturer’s coupons up to and including $.50 face value

Kroger will triple one coupon up to $.39 per like item and double one coupon $.40-$.50 per like item (like UPCs)

Additional coupons for like items will be redeemed at face value

Coupons with a value of $.51 or greater will be redeemed at face value

Offer does not apply to manufacturer’s “cents off” coupons issued in store

Offer applies only to manufacturer’s “cents off” coupons for items Kroger carries

Offer does not apply to “free” coupons or Kroger/other retail food store coupons

Coupon value cannot exceed the retail of the item

Offer does not include cigarettes, beer, wine and items prohibited by law

So that all shoppers may be able to purchase all of their needs, Kroger reserves the right to limit quantities

Kroger does not double or triple the value of digital coupons

Kroger does not accept the following type of Internet coupons:

Those that are not scannable

Those that are altered

Those that have been duplicated

Those that are out of proportion or blurry

Those that have a high dollar value (75% or more of the value of the product)

Those that offer a free product – “freebies”

Now onto the deals! Thanks to MyDallasMommy (we lost power last night for about 5 hours and I wasn't able to get the match-ups done!)

Jumbo Hass Avocados 10/$10
Bell Peppers 10/$10
Red or Black Plums 10lbs/$10
Jumbo Mangos 10/$10

Del Monte Fruit Naturals 10/$10
8/15RP $1/3
Final Price: 3/$2

Bartlett Pears 10lbs/$10
Green Artichokes 10/$10
White seedless grapes $1.49/lb
Blackberries or Raspberries 2/$5
Olathe Sweet Corn 8/$2
Mini Carrots $10/10
Cantalope 3/$5

Chuck or Shoulder Roast $2.99/lb
Boneless Pork Loin $2.99/lb
Kroger Value Chicken Leg Quarters .59/lb
Pork Spareribs $1.99/lb
Kroger Ground Chuck or Sirloin Patties $7.99
Tyson Bacon 2/$7
Armour Lunchmakers 10/$10
BarS Meat Franks 10/$10

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sausage Roll or Fully Cooked Links or Patties $2.99
Shortcuts $1/1
Facebook Coupon $1/1
6/13RP B1G1 Free
Final Price: Varies

Hillshare Farm Smoked Sausage or Links $2.99
7/11RP $1/2
Final Price: $2.49 each

Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Lunchmeat $4.79
Printable $1/1
Final Price: $3.79

Other Grocery:
*10/$10 Items*
*Vitamin Water
*Kroger Grape Jelly
*Kroger Peanut Butter
*Pepperidge Farm Goldfish

*Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding or Gelatin 10/$10
All You $1/4
Final Price: $3/4

*Kroger Ranch Dressing 10/$10
*Wonder Bread 10/$10
*Birdseye or Pictsweet Veggies 10/$10
*Kroger sour cream or dip 10/$10
*Kroger Cream Cheese 10/$10
*Kroger Cottage Cheese 10/$10

*Country Crock Butter 10/$10
Final Price: .20

*Kroger Flour 10/$10
*Kroger Cooking Spray 10/$10
*Kroger Pretzels or Tortilla Chips 10/$10
*Chef Boyardee Pasta 10/$10
8/15SS $1/5
All You $1/6
Final Price: Varies

*Fast Fixin Chicken 10/$10
Printable $1/1
Final Price: FREE

*Kroger Frozen Treats 10/$10
*Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream 10/$10
Final Price: 2/$1

*Better Oats Instant Oatmeal 10/$10
*Promised Land Milk or Nesquick 10/$10
*Hostess or Mrs. Baird's Snack cakes 10/$10
*Pillsbury Brownie Mix 10/$10
*Kroger Fruit Snacks or Toaster Treats 10/$10

*Manwich 10/$10
All You $1/3
Final Price: 3/$2

*Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce 10/$10

Gatorade .88
Bertolli Skillet Meal for Two $5.99
Marie callendars Pies $5.98
Ocean Spray Juice Cocktail 2/$4

General Mills Cereal $1.98
HUGE list of coupons
Final Price: Varies

Tombstone Pizza $2.99
Facebook Coupon $2/1
Final Price: .99

Kroger Oil $1.99
Starbucks Coffee $6.99
Cheez-it or Club Crackers 2/$5
Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies 3/$5
Dr. Pepper 2 liters B3G1 Free (.75 each)
Springdale Milk $1.68/gal

Dannon Yogurt $1.88 each
Huge List of coupons
Final Price: Varies

Kroger Cheese 2/$3
Dreyer's or Private Selection Ice Cream $2.47
Lean Cuise Entree 4/$8
Printable (print 2)
Final Price: 4/$6



Saving Cents Mommy said...

Yes, DO NOT shop at the Pearland, Tx store. LOL
Well,not the one off of Cullen. The one off of 288 is very coupon friendly.

I was able to get a few of the 10/10 items last night and I still had a few of the .75/1(can't remember what the newspaper date was) coupons for the goldfish grahams that are also on sale. That was a great deal!

Juan said...

Is anyone else having luck with printable coupons? My 2 stores won't take them. It was a bummer during the mega sale

Saving Cents Mommy said...

I did have trouble at one store. Where are the stores located at that you are having a problem?