One Heluva Party!

Now, I am not going to admit one way or another, that I HAVE or HAVE NOT seen "The Hangover"! But if I HAD seen it, it would have made the following story VERY funny!

My son for his 13th birthday wanted to have some of his friends over to spend the night and go to the Astro's game. Sure, sounds like fun.

My husband took the boys to the game, while the girls and I went to "meet the teacher night" and made the boy's cookies for when they got home. While in Wal-Mart getting butter we thought it would be nice to grab the boys a bunch of junk food. First Mistake. I am not a rookie when it comes to cleaning up kids messes :), so what I was thinking when I bought a bunch of candy that was all INDIVIDUALLY wrapped we will never know!

The girls had one of Tucker's friends little sister also spend the night so we had 13 kids here ready to party at 11:00pm!

Now if you are a Mother to any of the kids who spent the night... stop reading now! I really want you to allow your children over again! Just warning you!

11:00pm ~ Boy's get home from game and want to swim. First, they put the dog on the trampoline and try to bounce him off. Saved the dog, send the boys to the pool.

11:30pm ~ Remind my son that we have 2 older widows that live in either side of us, and they need to keep it down. I put a soaking wet dog in the garage to save his life.

12:00am ~ Send the "little" kids to bed. They cry and beg to stay up.

12:20am ~ Get the baby to bed. Break out the junk food for the boys. They are soaking wet and jumping on the trampoline. I beg them to be careful and not break anything as football starts next week.

12:30am ~ I ban them from the trampoline. They decide to come inside. They are having a blast. I go to bed.

2:30am ~ Baby wakes up, I feed her in the living room and listen to the boys hysterically laughing at Bryan Regan (comedian) they are making me laugh listening to them! I get the baby to bed an tell them to go to sleep. The playroom is amazingly trashed! They have drank an ENTIRE bottle (5 gallons) of water from the cooler. They are having a great time!

3:30am ~ I think I hear them in the pool again. Or I was dreaming...

5:30am ~ Baby wakes up again, yes she is trying to kill me. Boys are still AWAKE! I am sorry MOM's! They are now playing video games, the playroom looks like a bomb has gone off. There are 1000's of candy wrappers, chips and something that looks like popcorn all over, including on top of the ceiling fan? They are laughing so hard my son threatens to pee his pants. There is an empty bottle of Pepto Bismol on the kitchen counter. I get the baby to bed. Turn off the T.V. and demand they go to sleep. I almost kill myself trying to get out of the playroom alive.

7:00am ~ Little kids wake up and go to the play room. Big boy's get mad that they got woke up and go to little kids room to sleep. Wish I had pictures of 5 teenage boys in the 2 sets of bunk beds in the girls room. Little kids attempt to push piles of trash, clothes, towels and toys out of the way to make room to watch T.V. My house now looks like something off the T.V. show "Hoarders"!!

11:30am ish... ~ Most kid have gone home, my girls go to Grandma's to learn to sew and Tucker begs to take a nap.

Paul and I decide to be nice parents and not just set the playroom on fire and re-build later, but grab a garbage bag and start cleaning up. Don't worry, we were leaving some for them to do, but at that point I think it was a health hazard.

I was in the kitchen when my husband came running out holding this...

"Tucker!" Paul screams. He runs down the hall and wakes him up. "Who's tooth is this?" he demands.

"It's mine." Tucker says. I breath a sigh of relief!

"They dared me to pull it out, so I did." he laughs.

Paul and I stare at each other in disbelief shaking our heads.

"That was one hell of a party!" Paul says to me under his breath!

I agree, and am still expecting to find a tiger in the bathroom!



The Wilde Family said...

that is hilarious and will make me laugh all day! I can only imagine...guess that's what I have to look forward to in 10 years times 3! You're great parents.

Nicole said...

All I can say is that is an awesome story! ... And bless you and Paul for being paitent and awesome parents!

npframer said...

That's hillarious!!!

M and W said...

That's one awesome party!!!

Michele said...

He pulled out his tooth? AAAHHHHAHAHA. Was is loose? Is it a crown? It looks so very perfect!

Sounds like a fun time, I'm ready for a nap just reading it. Thank you for sharing!

Hillori said...

why would one pull out there one tooth?!?!? Must definitely be a teenage boy!

John said...

Funny.. but on a serious note, I hope they were NOT in the pool at 3:30AM unsupervised...?

Tiffany said...

Nope, it was actually the dog, again. Thanks for asking though, obviously we would have never let them and would have freaked if they had.

Maria said...

Thanks for sharing such a great story! I even read it to my husband and he & I both rolled, especially when when it came to finding the tooth! We'll be in your shoes in about 11 years!

Emily Heizer Photography said...

LOL OMG I can't believe he pulled out the tooth! And thank the lord there wasn't a tiger in the bathroom! You really dodged that one!!!!

andrea said...

Too, too funny! I am NEVER letting my 13-year-old boy have friends over!!!!

Tina said...

This should be published!