Reader Spotlight: Patti's deals at Target

My friend Patti had a great trip to Target and even got brave and took her baby grandson with her!


6 bottles shout (in addition to my coupons they had peelies on them)
3 purina dog foods
4 degree deodorant's
2 toms children's toothpaste

The guy tried to tell me he couldn't use coupons on trial size stuff anymore...I whipped out my book and that was the end of that discussion.

So I asked her what happened with the cashier....

He didn't really say anything. I was nice about it. He looked at the coupon and said they were told not to take coupons anymore on trial size items. I pointed out that he was not following policy (or that whomever said that wasn't) I also pointed out that the register accepted the coupon so it must be ok and I pointed out that the coupon didn't say anything about trial size..that in fact it said "any". It was a $1 off the degree which was .97 and the register took off .97 for each one. So he was ok with what I said.


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