Restruant.com Save 80% + Cash Back!

** Thanks to Monica for the update. You can no longer use the CLEARANCE. BUt you can use the coupon code MENU to get the $100 gift certificate for $16. Not as good as $8 but still not a bad deal considering you still get the 25% back!

TODAY and TOMORROW only, if you go through Shop At Home, you can get 25% back on your purchase at Restaurant.com.

If you are not familiar with Restaurant.com you can get a $25 gift certificate at a restaurant near you for $10 all the way down to $3! Enter your zip code and see what is near you. Then when you purchase it you print off your confirmation and redeem it when you pay! It is really easy, I used to get them all the time to Los Cucos in Panther Creek.

You can purchase a $100 Gift Card normally priced at $40 for only $16!! All you have to do to get your savings is use the promo code: MENU

Now, if you have never used Shop At Home you get $5 for just signing up. So you can get this $100 gift certificate for just $1!! It works this way: After you use the coupon code it will be $8, -$5 for the first time back form Shop At Home + the 25% back = only $1!!

This is what to do:
GO to Shop at Home

Search for Restaruant.com

Click on "Shop Now" enter you zip and shop for available gift certificates! Buy a $100 card for only $40 + get it for $16 with coupon code MENU

See where I just bought a $100 gift card for only $8?!! PLUS, I am getting 25% cash back!!

**Come back tomorrow I will have a detailed post on how to shop at Shop at Home!



Jaybird and Me said...

Tiff, I want to put your email in so you get the referral, which email should I use?

Tiffany said...

What I get a referral????!!!!

Cool, use mylitter.com

Where did you see that at?

Tiffany said...

Sorry I meant mylitter@mac.com

K2 said...

I couldn't get the CLEARANCE code to work..... any suggestions?

Tiffany said...

Your right. I just tried it and it wouldn't take it.... I bought another one last night at 11pm so I know it was working then. Let me check around and see what the deal is. Maybe they pulled it early?

monica said...
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monica said...

Found that they stopped this deal but you can use MENU and get the $100 for $16...not as good a deal but hey it still works