Sam's Club: Shop without a membership this weekend!

Woo Hoo Friday, Saturday and Sunday you can shop without a membership and without the normal 10% fee they charge to test out the store. It’s completely free!

I used to always shop at Sam's Club, I thought I had to with a big family and to get the best deals! But I have not renewed my membership in 2 years because I find such good deals and better deals at my local grocery stores using coupons. Now, there are a few things that I really miss at Sam's, honestly mostly the free samples! J/K They have some speciality bread that we like and the Tilapia is a good deal, but not good enough to justify the member ship. I will be heading over this weekend though!

Thanks Money Saving Mom!


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lealaws said...

I shop at Sam's for their milk and bread. And while I'm there, I scan the shelves for items priced with a 1 at the end. (eg. $1.91, $4.81, etc.) Those are the things on "clearance." This past week, I got Macaroni Grill dinner kits for $2.71 each - two kits in each box. Add a protein to the dinner, and each person eats for less than a dollar - same dinner at the Macaroni Grill would approach $20. Deals like this make Sam's more than worthwhile for me.