Target Coupon Policy

My friend Sondra had a frustrating experience at Target the other day. She was buying a few items that were on sale and some trial sized items. Her coupons were for a few cents less than the amount of the coupon. Say the item was $.97 and the coupons was for $1. Sondra ( and my sister Anna on a different day) were told that they couldn't use the coupons because of the price difference. On a side note: here coupons did NOT exclude trail sized items.

* Coupon amount may be reduced if it exceeds the value of the item after other discounts or coupons are applied.

Call me crazy, but I understand this to mean that they have the ability to price adjust the coupon. So many times I have had to pull out my coupon policy that I keep with me, I suggest you do too, and show them this.

Sondra call corporate regarding using trial size coupons and this is what they told her:
"I called the Target corporate office regarding coupons on travel items. They told me if the manufacturers coupon does not state the size or give an exclusion of travel size items, they should honor the coupon. She offered me a $3 Target coupon for my trouble. I told her I would prefer if she called the store and told them what the policy was. She agreed to do that, but also insisted on giving me a $3 Target coupon."

What has your experience been?!


Saving Cents Mommy said...

I am constantly having bad experiences with Target. I also called the 1-800# last week. I have not had a problem with them adjusting the coupons down. But, had a problem with them taking more than 2 of the same coupons. I was offered 2/$3 coupons for my trouble. They did say that they leave that up to the store manager to decide.

Whitney said...

I've had a couple of bad experiences with Target, but my local store is far and away the BEST couponing experience I ever have. I've given up shopping at walmart totally because of the grief and inconsistency. Target goes out of its way to impress me and they have won my business - I hope it continues!

Zelda said...

Often they blame it on the register. I tell them it does not exclude trial sizes, and the cashier will look at it carefully and then say "Well, it won't take it." I get the feeling they just don't want to deal with it.

Angie said...

I hate Target because of the trouble they give me with using coupons for trial sizes. They (more than once) have told me that they are unable to adjust the coupon down; and that using coupons would make an item free and that was not allowed.

Lauren said...

For future reference, what is the 800 #?

Tiffany said...

It is funny the problem that cashiers have with "letting" you get an item for free! They seem to take it personally!

April said...

I had the same experience last week. The manager refused to adjust down the coupon and then told me her register would not allow her to ring up an item with a coupon if it was trial size...??? I emailed customer service and did not get a response. I went to a different Target the next day and had a very smooth transaction-the same one I was trying to do at the previous Target. I think I will try to call them as well. I love to shop at Target, I just wish the employees would be consistent with their policy.