Vista Print: 10 Free items and pay shipping once!


Vista Print has tons of great items. I have ordered from them many times, I get all my business cards there. In celebration of their 10th anniversary they are offering their top 10 products FREE!

The cool things about this offer is that you can get ALL of them at one time and only pay shipping ONCE!! Go HERE to take a look!

** I choose the return address lables and put my kids names on them to use to lable their school items. They can also be great teacher's gifts for the teachers to have on hand at school. Think of different creative ways to use the address lables.

These are the 10 free items that they are offering!

  • Free Business Cards
  • Free Return Address Labels
  • Free Rubber Stamp
  • Free Sticky Notes
  • Free Photo Wall Calendars
  • Free Photo Flip Book
  • Free Tote Bag
  • Free Mug
  • Free Photo Notebook
  • Free Mouse Pad

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