$250 in Good Stuff from Enfamil!

Well after the Similac disaster I am happy to see coupons for Enfamil, as we switched!

Go HERE to sign up to get over $250 in free gifts and coupons!



sara said...

Just wanted to let you know I gave you a blog award! You always have great info! Come on over and claim it at www.8aplenty.blogspot.com


Saving Cents Mommy said...

I feel for you. I have major milk supply issues so I had to use formula along with nursing for almost a year. Get all your friends without babies to sign up also and send you the coupons! I was getting them, not sure why, but if I get any more I will send them to you! I was even sent formula. Oh, and evey time you go to the pediatrician, ask for some. We got tons that way!