CVS: Cheap Wine?

I do not drink wine, so thanks to Carlos for this heads up on a deal at CVS if you do....

CVS has the Carlos Rossi 3 liter bottles for $9.99 ( normally $12.99+)
On the top of the bottles is a mail in rebate, if it is not there, ask the manager to give it to you.

When you buy 6 bottles you get $16.99 back. That makes it $7.33 a bottle.

According to Carlos, these 3 liters are the equivalent to 4 bottles of a regular size bottle of wine at 750ml each. I'll take his word, I know nothing about wine! So you are paying the equivalent of $1.83 for each 750ml!

With the upcoming holiday's this might make a great deal for someone! Thanks Carlos!!


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