CVS: Right Guard Deal

This week at CVS there is a good Right Guard deal. If you are new to couponing or to CVS, try this deal this week. Thanks Anna for the heads up on the new coupon!

This is what to do. Go HERE and print the Right Guard coupon above. Mine was way back on about page 12.

Go to CVS and do this:

Buy 2 Right Guards $2.99 each
Pay $3.00
Now you are going to get back $4 in ECB's for next week. Sweet. Thats it.

While you are at coupons.com print the above coupon also, I am guessing there will be a good deal on these coming up!


Shana said...

Can't find the Right Guard coupon and we live in the same area...it is not showing up for me :(

Tiffany said...

Shana, I posted this at about 6pm and printed mine.... I just checked again after reading your post and I could not find it!!!!!
They reached the print limit that fast!
I am looking for another printable....

Shana said...

Ok, thanks!