Get a Rain Check at CVS!

It is going to be very difficult to get one of the Oral B Toothbrushes this week. I know, because my friend Suzanne and I drove around to 4 different CVS's to find one!

Granted we were having a blast, making fun of ourselves and laughing at the fact that we had nothing better to do late on a Saturday night! But it can still be frustrating if you want to take advantage of a good deal.

If you are not having any luck finding one, or getting anything that you had planned on getting at CVS, please remember to GET A RAIN CHECK!

The cashier will need the current ad. They will write your rain check up like the one above. Make sure that they include the code found on the ad below the product that will allow them to "force print" your ECB's for another week. You can come back a few weeks later and get the product when they have it in stock again, they can still give you the sale price and your ECB's if you have a rain check and that code.

PLEASE make sure to not let your coupon expire before you get the item!



Carolyn said...

You have just been awarded the Versatile Award, go to http://lovinglifeasacouponer.blogspot.com to claim it. Congratulations!

The Coupon Cowgirl said...

You crack me up!! Do you ever sleep, and when you do, do you dream about coupons and shopping??:)