House Party: New Parties + Nicole won a party!

So, you all know how I feel about House Party... I am never going to get picked! But I am THRILLED to tell you that Mylitter readers Nicole and Patti got chosen for ones! Yea!

From Lisa:
PS – I recently applied for a House Party – the Fisher Price Perfect Playdate and won! It is seriously the best House Party EVER – check out all the toys that my 7 month old gets to keep!! Thanks for the tip on telling us to keep trying to become a host! (by the way – they said that there is still one more box yet to come!! Holy Cow!)

Because you guys have better luck than me go HERE and check out all the new ones they have open!

They have a cool looking Tombstone pizza Haunted House Party coming up...



Julia said...

Oh my gosh! I wanted that party so bad! Congrats to the ladies who won!

BeaDandelion said...

I never wanted a party so bad... I wonder what she wrote to make her party special that helped her to win!?

I won the Jack Daniels one, but would happily trade!

Andy and Jennifer Hess said...

I just got picked for the Kraft Homestyle Mac and Cheese party.Can't wait to get my kit!!!! Keep trying Ladies!!!

Nicole said...

I'm not sure why I got selected. But if I had to guess, it has something to do with the age of my son (7 mos) and that I love to host parties. Other than that... it's just a lottery I think.