Houston Chronicle Sunday Delivery for $1

Here is the information for those of you who wanted the Houston Chronicle for $1 Sunday delivery. They also reassured me there was no Thursday-Sunday contract!

There is a 20 week minimum. You have to call customer service to get multiple papers. 713-220-7211 I talked to Nick.


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Camille said...

I signed up for Sunday only for a $1/paper (I signed up for 4).. Some man at Kroger was selling the paper, and as I walked by, I said, no-- I'm not interested because you won't deliver multiple papers on a Sunday.. He said that he CAN do it! I was skeptical, but I signed up, and I've been getting 4 papers on a Sunday for about 6 weeks now-- AND he told me on a holiday weekend-when you don't get coupons, I can call customer service and put my paper on "vacation" for one week and that will extend my paper subscription for one week!! I just did that for Labor day, but I still got 3 papers instead of 4-- So now I know I have to request vacation on all 4.