How to shop, at Shop At Home.

Then ANYTIME you are going to make a purchase online, check and see if you can get even a better discount with Shop at Home. So lets say you are thinking of buying an appliance online and wanted to take a look at Sears, go to Shop At Home, login and start looking.

This is what you will see:

At the top where it says "Search 100,00 etc." type in "Sears" hit search...

It brought up all the results of sites it offers deals at for Sears. The first one at the top is the regular Sears site. That is the one we want to look at. You can see on the right that they offer 5% back on anything that you purchase at Sears through Shop At Home.

Now click on Sears.
Now you are at the Sears place at Shop At Home, this is where you can see any coupons codes or offers that they currently have available. It listed a bunch of coupon codes.

In RED I wrote "Coupon Code Here" I like this one because it is $5 off a $50 purchase, not the best offer, but hey I'll take another $5 off! So I right click and copy the code to use later.

Now I am ready to go to the normal Sears site. On the right you see the green button that says "Shop Now" Click it.

At this point you will see this screen. You are being redirected to the Sears.com site. You can shop as normal, but having gone through Shop At Home first, they will automatically know how much you spent so they can send you 5% back.

Now I am at the regular Sears.com site. I took a screen shot of this on the front page. I was looking for appliances, and they have a deal on them today!
This is the break down of my savings if I use Shop At Home:

15% off Appliance sale at Sears
10% off if I use my Sears card
5% off today only online
5% Back from Shop At Home
$5 off a $50 purchase coupon code from Shop At Home
$5 from Shop At Home if this is my first purchase

All of these discounts will be applied. These can really add up, this is why I like cash back sites like Shop At Home.

The other way to make Shop At Home work for you is to tell your friends. For every friend that you sign up, when they make their first purchase and get $5, you get $5 also.

To do this click "My Shop At Home" on the very top of the page. Once you do this, on the left side half way down you will see...
Click on your personal link and copy the code. You can post this code on your blog or email it to friends. It will also give you options to add it to Facebook and Twitter.

This is another way to make a little cash back on purchases that you are going to make anyway. Plus, possibly find coupon codes to sweeten the deal.

Next time you are making a purchase online for ANYTHING check Shop At Home first!

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