Kroger: Cart Buster is Back!

I am working on the match-ups right now for this next week, so check back tomorrow morning and I will have them up.

BUT until then, have a little fun with the Cart Buster game! Go HERE and select your Kroger affiliate and start playing! You can play 2 different games for a chance to win free items!

I lost on my first try and you can only play once a day. Please let me know what you have won, I am curious to see what they are giving out!



Courtney said...

I won a free box of Quaker Instant Oatmeal! The "credit" was automatically added to my Fry's card. Thanks, that was fun!:)

Rachel said...

I won a roll of Bounty paper towels - automatically added to my Kroger card! Thanks for the heads up!!!