Picaboo: Free Photo Book is Back!

Free photo books are back at Picaboo, for first time users only. So if you missed it before you can make one now!

These books are $39.99 normally and right now you only pay shipping at $8.99. Don't forget these are HARDCOVER.

The software is very good at Picaboo, you download it and can either spend a ton of time making a professional book or toss this pictures in and still have it come out perfect!

I am in the process of making a cookbook right now on here, with pictures of the finished dish for my sister for Christmas (good thing she doesn't read my blog:) and it is turning out really nice, I am not getting it for free since I got one last time but it is still a good deal.

To get yours:

~ Go HERE and sign up for an account.

~ Download the free photo book making program.

~ Design your book up to 20 pages free and add it to your cart.

~ Use Coupon Code 1FBLGB-7W (for the free photo book!)
SEPT40 (for 40% off if you are a returning customer)

~ Total: $8.99 for shipping!

They are very quick about sending them out! Send me a picture of what you have made I would love to share them with everyone!



Jen said...

I just got mine in the mail. Great quality! Mine was old pictures that my mom had found of my grandma's summers at their lake cottage from the 1930s/1940s. My mom wrote up captions, so now it looks like a photo album, but we can print multiple copies. Plus, I got to make some of the tiny pictures bigger and I was pleased that they didn't turn out grainy.

monica said...

Is this the wrong code? Cuz i just tried to order my 20page book and used that code, it said it was only for 40% of a book with 40 pages

Tiffany said...


try 1FBLGB-7W

I am not sure what the deal is... i just went back and checked and got this one...

Let me know!!

monica said...

It worked thanks!