Plum District: $40 Gift Certificate to Diapers.com For only $20!

**UPDATE** SOLD OUT! These went fast! I still recommend signing up with Plum District so you can get another hot deal.

The sweet deal Wednesday at Plum District is $40 gift certificate to Diapers.com for only $20. Cool!

Plum District is just like Groupon, it is collective buying power. Once the deal is on then you get charged. This deal is ONLY good today! They can sell out also. You can also refer your friends and get a $10 credit for when you buy something else. Look for the refer a friend button and get your unique code. Go HERE to check out the deal.

I have used Diapers.com in the past when they have had a great deal. There is nothing like Diapers delivered to your door! They also offer free 2 day shipping on orders over $49. I have always been very happy with them.
** I did not know this, thank you for the email Kathy, but you can mail Diapers.com manufactorers coupons and they will load them to your account! So you can use coupons PLUS the 50% gift certificate.

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