Randalls: $.99 Capri Suns!

Thanks to my sweet husband who knows to take pictures for me when he finds a good deal :)
At Randalls this week they have a cleaning promotion going until the 28th of this month. When you buy $15 worth of selected cleaning supplies you get a $5 catalina back for your next trip. You can put together some good deals by getting as close as possible to $15. Go the COUPON DATABASE HERE and print or find the coupons you need for these products!

Lysol Wipes $2.50

Tilex $3.99

Soft Scrub $3.50

Clorex Toilet Bowl Cleaner $2.29

Pine Sol $2.50

Formula 409 $2.50

Windex $.250

Mr Clean $2.50

These deals are part of the Buy 5 Get $5 Promotion right now. There are $1 off coupons on Facebook making the Wheat Thins only $.49! Check the Coupon Database for more coupons for Nabisco.

This is my favorite deal! We use almost a box of these a day packing lunches at my house....
My price point for these is above $.99 so I am thrilled with this price!



Saving Cents Mommy said...

I got $1 off coupons from the clearance lunch boxes I bought from Target. So, that will make them free! They still have lots of lunch boxes at the Targets I went to this week. The plaid ones that no one is buying :) They have the coupons in them.

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh!! I completely forgot about those! Thanks!

Saving Cents Mommy said...

Your welcome! Correction, they were in the hello kitty and shrek lunch boxes!