Reader Spotlight!: Ginger at HEB, she only spent $38!

Today's readers amazing deal is Ginger B. and her trip to HEB!

Ginger says:

I had 3 of the $5 Kraft coupons and went to H-E-B today. I bought their meal deal (ends tomorrow) where you buy cheese and you get corn chips and chili for free.

I also got:

3 packs of Hammermill copy paper with $2 coupons..they ended up being $1.25 each

A different meal deal they have going on where you buy the 4 lean cuisines and get free bananas, water , spinach and candy. I used 2 coupons for the lean cuisine meals.

The last time I shopped there, 2 coupons printed out with my receipt for 2 free items! I got a 2 pack of yogurt and a bag of mashed potatoes totally free!

And then without coupons I bought milk, bread, some cinnamon chip things and some FRESH tortilla chips

My grand total for everything in the picture was $38.01!!

We are also a large family and your site has been wonderful in helping me keep costs down

Thanks again,


Thank you so much for the reminder about the $2 coupons on the copy paper! I have to make sure I get in and use those!


kandaceandjason said...

I have to say I'm a little jealous - in our house of two, 15 bags of chips and cheese would go to waste long before we'd have a chance to even make a dent. I would love to see those that submit their deals come back and give status reports on what percentage of the loot gets wasted. It's the reason I have a hard time couponing - is it really a deal if I wind up throwing stuff away?

Tiffany said...

For 2 of you would you really buy that much though?

I know for us, 1 bag of chips lasts one day of packing lunches. I divide them up into little baggise and we go through an entire bag. I also freeze my cheese when I get a good deal and pull it out as I need it.

I think Ginger mentioned that she had a large family also.

I think the key would be to just have a good idea of what you would use. Just don't overbuy, no matter how cheap something is if you dont need it, or can't dontate it, it is a waste!!

goincrazy said...

I'm the one that did the deal posted :) I have 5 kids living at home (1 more in the Air Force)..

2 of those 5 are male teenagers. (enough said LOL)

the other 3 get chips in their school lunches. 15 bags wont last long around here. These arent the huge bags either.

we use a lot of cheese in our meals so that will definitely be used too. I put some of it in the freezer also.

the only thing I *might* have trouble using up is the chili.. but its a canned good and I can donate it :O)

I used to buy everything I saw a good deal on when I first started this.. but I have learned that I dont really need 50 tubes of toothpaste.. so I just pass those coupons on to my friends now.

The Rowes said...

Today I did the cheese deal and my HEB wouldn't let me use the $5 off 5 cheeses. I asked the manager and he said that because the coupon was an internet coupon and wouldn't scan that they couldn't take it. Sad day! Even having to pay $2 a bag for cheese and getting the chips and chili free, it was a decent deal. Is there any way I can submit my reciept and coupon and still get the $5 off? Thanks for the idea, goincrazy!

Sugarland Savers said...

Rowes I just got back from my HEB and they said the same thing. The coupons would not scan so they would not let me use it. I was disappointed and so were my kids. The casher wasn’t to nice about it either so that doubled our disappointment.

Tiffany said...

I am so sorry people are having problems with that!

I wonder what Kraft has to say about it? That sucks they went to all the trouble to do a great promotion, to try and end hunger, and now the stores won't take their coupon.....

goincrazy said...

thats sad! :( I went in and did it one time and the cashier just typed in the amount somehow because it wouldnt scan.

I put my groceries in the car and then I went right back into the store to do it with my other 2 cheese coupons. Had a different cashier and she had a manager come over and approve it. He glanced at the coupon and said no problem and had her type it in.

I had read about some people having issues and so I only took up one to begin with just in case. I didnt want to have all 15 with me if they werent going to let me do it. lol
While waiting for the manager,I also mentioned to the cashier that the cheese had the peelies on them with the site showing where to get the coupons.
She just kept saying she didnt see any reason why it shouldnt work.

Im sorry you guys werent able to get it!

goincrazy said...

all 15 bags of chips, chili and cheese that is (not 15 cheese coupons! ) ;)

The Rowes said...

I'm going to try and call the HEB corporate office today and see if they can do anything for me. 5 bucks is 5 bucks, right?!?!? :0)

Katie said...

Does anyone know if you can use coupons on the "free" items that come when you buy an item? Just curious. Trying to decide if it is worth adding HEB into my list of stores to coupon shop with. Thanks!