Target: My Shopping trip deals. Saved $64.38!

For me this is a really good example of why to coupon.

I so often here from people that couponing isn't for them. They claim that there are not coupons in the paper that they would ever use or that it can possibly be worth the time.

While it can be a little harder with food items, I always encourage people if nothing else to use them for toiletries. It REALLY can be worth your time and money to take the little extra time to cut them out.

Today at Target I spent $45.13 while this might seem a high out of pocket amount for a couponer, I saved $64.38. Without coupons my total would have been, $109.51. That seems CRAZY to me to spend that amount on items that I had to pick up regardless of a sale or not.

Transaction #1
4 Boxes Playtex 36ct.
4 Boxes Playtex 18ct.
Used: 4 FREE Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons wyb 36-ct., exp. 9-12 (SS 8/1/10)
Used: 2 $2.50/2 Playtex printable HERE
Total: $20.83
Got Back: $10 in Gift Cards!

Transaction #2
4 Baby jeans $4
4 Mr. Clean $2.99
3 Bags Swedish Fish $1.66 each
1 Schick Hydro $6.99
2 ZipLoc $2.33
1 Hefty Bag $6.49
1 Dixie Plate $2.39
Use: 4 $2 Target Baby Jeans coupon HERE
Use: 2 B1G1 Mr. Clean Liquid, exp. 9-30-10 (P&G 08/29/10)
Use: $2/3 Various Brands - Gum, Candy or Halls, exp. 10-31 (SS 8/8/10)
Use: $0.55/1 Hefty Waste Bags, exp. 10-31-10 (RP 08/01/10)
Use: $1.50/2 Ziploc Containers, exp. 10-2-10 (SS 08/08/10)
Use: $1 Target Dixie peelie on box
Use:$5/1 Schick Hydro Razor, exp. 9-30-10 (SS 08/08/10)
Plus, use $10 gift cards from previous purchase
Total: $24.19!


beorganizedsavemoney said...

You're so right about the tampons! I have a stockpile of feminine products in my closet that I have gotten for free, but haven't needed them in years. Someday I'll be done having kids right? :)

Pam (meanestmother) said...

Unfotunately, your day will come.

April said...

went to Target today to do the Playtex deal and they would not let me use 4 coupons for 4 boxes. Since I was getting 2 free then I could not use the $2.50 off printable. And...she would not let me use a Target coupon that I printed off the web because it said Man. Coupon on it instead of Target Web Coupon. She said it's not a Target Coupon (even if it has a target logo) unless it reads "Target Web Coupon" at the top.