Target: Ripping you off at the register?

If this is the case, Target is making millions of dollars illegitimately. They are not giving you the full amount of the coupon off , but they are collecting the money from the manufacturers.

It looks like a class action lawsuit is starting to take place. You can go HERE and read an interesting article about it. I highly suggest you take a minute and read it.

There is also a Target coupon petition going around that you can sign if you would like to HERE. It basically says that you are tired of having problems at the register and being treated badly.

Hmmmmm, NEVER had THAT happen.... sarcasm off now!


ncbell240 said...

Yes, this happened to me at the Magnolia store. I watch every coupon very carefully. I saw it scan with my own eyes. But my total wasn't right. So I paid the amount due and then I went to customer service when I saw the problem. For me it was on those little bags of purina dog food. They were a dollar each and I had three. I had three coupons for FREE bag up to $1. So they gave me my three dollars back. They told me the coupon issue was only on coupons that were for a free item. On the register it will appear to take off the price, but actually you have to ask the cashier to type in the price or it doesn't actually come off.

Not had a problem on any other coupons.

Julia said...

This has happened to me at the Super Target off of 45. I didn't notice it until I had already made it home that it was downgrading my coupons to match something else in my cart. Today I went to the one near the woodlands mall and made sure I watched the screen the entire time. About half of my coupons beeped saying nothing in my cart matched the coupons! Of course they did! Ugh!