Tinker Bell and Beauty and the Beast only $10 each!

Planning on getting the new Tinker Bell Movie? I plan on using it as a stocking stuffer...
This is how you can get it for just about free! Thanks Courtney!

Follow me on this one, I had to read it a few times to get it!

1) Visit Toys R Us before 9/21st and reserve Tinker Bell. When you go reserve it you will be $10 to reserve it and get a $10 Toys R US gift card.

2) After Sept 21st go buy your Tinker Bell movie and also reserve the Beauty and the best movie. You will pay $10 and you will get an instant discount for $10 off a movie $19.99 or more. This is what your transaction would look like:

Reserve Beauty and the Beast Blu Ray Combo $10
Tinker Bell Movie
Beast Blu Ray Combo $19.99 (you already paid $10 when you reserved it)
$10/1 Tinker Bell Movie Coupon
Get $10 off $19.99 or more movie instant discount
Pay $10.00 out of pocket

3) When the Beauty and the Beast Movie is released then you will:

Beauty and the Beast Movie Blu Ray Combo $19.99 (you already paid $10 when you reserved it)
Use $10/1 Beauty and the Beast Movie Coupon (find out how to get it
Use $10 Toys R Us Gift card you got when you reserved Tinker Bell
Pay $0.00 out of pocket

When all it is said and done all you paid was $10 twice when you reserved both movies. That wasn't hard was it?!



Shana said...

Is this only good on the Blu Ray combo or you can buy a regular DVD?

Bethany said...

I did this deal today. I pre-bought the Tinkerbell Blue Ray last week for $10. Today I picked it up, pre-bought the Beauty and the Beast Blue Ray, and received the gift card PLUS a free Tinkerbell Digital Watch. My total out-of-pocket so far has been $20.53. When I pick up Beauty and the Beast on the 5th, I should owe $19.99 and I will use my $10 off coupon and the $10 gift card I received today and owe $0 OOP. PLUS...if you enter the codes from these 2 movies on Disney Movie Rewards, you get a free charm bracelet. This is a great deal. Thank you so much for letting me know about it: 2 Blue-Ray combo packs, a digital watch and a charm bracelet for $20.53=AWESOME~!~!