Toys R Us Coupon Policy

I am now more confused than ever about the Toys R Us coupon policy! Or should I say the lack of a policy or anyone who knows what it is.

Some of you were having trouble using coupons with the recent great sales at Toys R US. Some were taking them and some weren't, So I thought I would call corporate and see what they say.

Three phone calls later, I am finally told that:

1. You have to check with the manager when you get into the store, show him/her your coupons and they will tell you which ones they will take and which ones they won't.

2. They will not take a coupon on any item that is already on sale, or that they are running a promotion on. You can only use a coupon on an item that is regular retail price.

Wow, talk about a BAD policy. This leaves it completely up to each store basically to do whatever they want. This makes for frustrated customers and ugly problems. It does explain why some of you have great luck and others leave mad.

What does your store do?



Money Saving Maine-iac said...

Wow. This is a disasterous policy. Way too openn to interpretation. I hope we as consumers can get corporate to develop a diffinative policy.

Amanda Davis said...

How sad! :( I went today and did the Leap Frog Tag Jr. deal and it worked like a charm! The cashier even complimented me on good deal finding and good use of coupons. I hope that people have the same luck considering their coupon policy (or, lack thereof.)

Anna said...

That is ridiculous that they won't take a coupon on a sale item. Why would it matter? If you were using a manufacturer coupon, they are getting reimbursed for it!

Julia said...

Sounds like Walgreens pre coupon policy. Ridiculous! Well the Toysrus in the woodlands took all my coupons no problem didn't even ask about them. They just scanned them and that was that! I wish they all were like that so others didn't have problems with them!

Maria said...

I shop the TRU in The Woodlands. Today, I bought 3 Leapster games for $10 each (regular $25 each). They were buy 2 get 1 free. I used (3) $5.00 coupons from last Sunday's paper & the $5 off a $25 purchase TRU coupon. I checked out without a problem. Other TRU stores have given me a problem w/coupons in the past, but I have pretty good luck in The Woodlands. I feel for others who have difficulty with their store.

Electra said...

My Toys R Us solves this problem by being a nasty little store that never has anything in stock. I've gone there a few times but never had the opportunity to use a coupon because they never have any of the items in their own flyer! I've stopped trying.

Tonya said...

I went rounds with the manager and Customer Service over IPs! Manager said that Corp said they could no longer take IPs, one telephone CS said they could, another telephone CS said they couldn't, and one online CS said it was up to the store, not Corp. Sigh.

I wrote about my experience on my blog, and I linked to your TRU coupon story.