Walmart: Free Cream Cheese?

Some Walmarts have the Philadelphia cream cheese on roll-back for $1!

Well, go HERE and print the $5/5 Kraft Cheese Huddle to fight Hunger coupon and get 5 for FREE! I have froze cream cheese before and never had a problem with it. This is such a great price (free!) that I am stocking up for the upcoming Holiday backing season! Thanks Colin!

** On some of the coupon forums it seems that some stores are not taking this coupon saying it is fraudulent. The reason is that is a high dollar value printable coupon, some stores have a $2 printable coupon limit. The ridiculous thing is that on many of the Kraft cheese packages right now they have a peelies that explains about the Huddle To Fight Hunger deal WITH INSTRUCTIONS about how to print this coupon! So take the peelie with you to the counter if there is a problem! I bet Kraft is not happy to hear that they are encouraging fraudulent coupons! :)


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