Walmart : Great Finds!

Thanks so much to my readers for sending in these great deals at Walmart!

Jenan ( who does the coupons for the troops) found these Tag books on clearance:

"Be on the look out at Walmart I found these on clearance and was able to use my coupons, got 1 for $11 it has 6 books the other I got for $5."

This deal is from Mandy:

"I was just at Walmart off of Woodlands Parkway in the back of the Woodlands.
I came across these. They are in the main isle when you come in through the food side of the store. They had a ton of them in every flavor."

There were coupons for these, but I think they have expired. But still a good deal at $.25 :) LOL Just kidding still a great deal!


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Ladybug's Mom said...

My daughter loves the strawberry and marshmallow mix-its. My fear is that they will no longer carry these. That would be devastating for a 3 year old picky eater.