Coupons in this weeks Sunday paper!

Here is the information for those of you who wanted the Houston Chronicle for $1 Sunday delivery. They also reassured me there was no Thursday-Sunday contract! You can also get as many as you like!

There is a 20 week minimum. You have to call customer service to get multiple papers. 713-220-7211 I talked to Nick.


Julia said...

I switched to Sunday only last week and it has been a headache ever since. Last Sunday I only got one paper so I missed out on a lot of coupons. I called them 2 times on Sunday after I saw one paper and both times they said I'd have another one within an hour....nope. I've called 5 different times for the past 2 weeks and everytime they assure me that it has been taken care of and that they will credit my account for the missed papers. Honestly I don't want the credit, I want the coupons! I got a newspaper on Wednesday so I had to call again and was again assured that this Sunday I would get 2 papers and no papers any other day. I guess we will see. Very frustrating!

Tiffany said...


I also canceled earlier this summer because they could never edliver the 6 that i need. I was so MAD!
I get mine on Saturday and pay more because Ihate getting stcuk with no PAPERS!
Some people have had no problems at all....

Julia said...

Blah! I thought I could save a couple bucks! I guess I'll still buy an extra one on saturday just in case :)