FREE Gas today in Houston!

If you are in the Friendswood area you might want to stop by the Shell Station at 4001 FM 2351. Until noon they are filling up your tank with gas for FREE!

This is to promote the new Kroger Fuel Rewards they are offereing at Shell stations!


BeaDandelion said...

whew.. I bet those lines were fun! Did you brave them!? They do that VERY VERY rarely here in Orlando, usually sponsored by radio stations offering $20 in gas to everyone from this hour to this hour... people sit for HOURS and run OUT of gas waiting. It's ridiculous.

BeaDandelion said...

D'oh!! you DID mention a radio station! LOL

LOL my word verification is "takercip" that is just funny to me.. sitting in a line for gas taht long, you'd need a beer afterward!