Made the switch!


I made the switch over to Word Press! If you are reading this you are on my blogger site that I am not updating :(

Please click HERE or type in www.mylitter.com into your URL.

PLEASE, PLEASE change your bookmarks to take you over to the "other" site.

Don't worry it is still the same, should even look almost the same but with much more content and features!


Andrea said...

I tried subscribing to the RSS feed on the new site, but it links to this site. Any ideas on how to fix it?

Tiffany said...

Thanks for letting me know! I will get it fixed!

englandmom14 said...

i've switched and it is A-O.K.! i love the new topper and pics of the kidlets (what happened to the cat?) we were just complaining last night that the newest blessing wasn't on the side-bar and that you needed a new topper and voila! you obedyed! not that you have anything to keep you busy right? lol good job!